Sunday, September 12, 2010

possible topics for new themed blog pages

<1>Skinny Black Chiks. It is the consesnsus between my wife and I that blackk women shouldn't be under, say...140 pounds. The thighs of blsack women shoud always touch each other. If one of those cute little "gaps" occurs, it isbecuse the body was not make the way the word intented it ti.

and Urban clothng deseigners knw that their clienteles chunky. That's why the make it them. skinny bitches look domb in some of that shit.

"domb" is offficially know by what thos in the fielfd undertand as a blend.

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I dont how this realted to pokeman or sctarwasher juior eclect clkand zees works eaitherk

UI feek like I got slost slitheriung anong the desert whe U wante t o go whare nobody wiyikd                            


  1. Showing my support,It would be awesome if you returned the favor!

  2. lol fascinating topic...but I have met lots of skinny black chicks.

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  4. lol intersting perspective i suppose

  5. good post... I'm anticipating the next one

  6. M.A.??? Wow, I freaking love you. I've always fantasized over doing a lot of things at once. If only we had a Leonardo da Vinci or Thomas Edison of today! And a true one, at that!

  7. hmm... I don't know what to think about this