Sunday, September 12, 2010

possible topics for new themed blog pages

<1>Skinny Black Chiks. It is the consesnsus between my wife and I that blackk women shouldn't be under, say...140 pounds. The thighs of blsack women shoud always touch each other. If one of those cute little "gaps" occurs, it isbecuse the body was not make the way the word intented it ti.

and Urban clothng deseigners knw that their clienteles chunky. That's why the make it them. skinny bitches look domb in some of that shit.

"domb" is offficially know by what thos in the fielfd undertand as a blend.

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UI feek like I got slost slitheriung anong the desert whe U wante t o go whare nobody wiyikd                            


Any of y'all take ambien??? I just took a couple. I'm fadin' pretty fast, but hopefully before I am fully faded out I will come back on this thing and type some intersting and embarrasing shit. I'm already spellin' shit wrong all over the fuckin' place. Hesus CHRIST. Even when I'm all ambiened out america's funniest home videos isn't funny.

Ambien makesyou feel like you're swaying ieven if you[re sitting still. God I love this drug. I mean medication. Thanks doc for helping me with ym sleep prpblems.

I'm gonna make my rounds and support some of my favorite bloigs now. tyvm blgoger.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Protip for Beer Drinkers!

I discovered this protip after I recently learned how to shotgun beers. I know it's strange that I only learned to shotgun beers after the age of thirty, but I'm hoping this tip will help you younger folks to consume many extra gallons of alcohol throughout your twenties. When I think of the alcohol I missed out on drinking because I didn't know this tip, I shed a tear. A tear made of beer.

So here it is. Before you start drinking, take some Gas-X. I use the generic version. The brand name's not important. What's important is that it contains something called simethicone. You know how beer gives you that uncomfortable full tummy feeling? It's because there's all kinds of foam in there. It's the same foam you see when you pour a glass of beer. The simethicone thins the walls of the bubbles in your tummy. The bubbles burst and you burp. Then you're not full and you can DRINK MORE FUCKING BEER.

You can thank me when you're thirty and you have liver disease.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Anarchic Message Board.

There is a message board on the internet which some of my newfriends may be familiar with, the name of which is frequently preceded with the adjective "anarchic" when it is covered in the media. It makes me think of how the Velvet Underground are ALWAYS called the seminal Velvet Underground. So often, in fact, that if it weren't for capitalization I would have believed for the longest time that they were actually called The Seminal Velvet Underground. I also wasn't sure for a long time if there was another seminal rock band called "The Velvets". I don't know why music journalists have to make nicknames for bands. The band names are nicknames. I don't know where I was going with this. Anyways, I'm drunk.

I was recently b& from the message board in question, causing my wife to send me the text: "lol you got b&!" to which I replied "whatever cumdumpster". She replied "lol". I definitely made the right decision when I married her.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What do you think about the new Google page?

Does anybody actually go to the google page? I just type my searches in the address bar of chrome.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gettin' Busy.

I've notices people have been dropping out of blog school lately. Most of 'em have been starting real school I've noticed. As a college graduate who works a shitty retail job I can tell you FUCK THAT SHIT. It's a waste of time! The hours you spend in the library writing your stupid papers and sitting in classrooms listening to some slightly smart PhD go on about his personal theories about Freud and Shakespeare are fucking WASTED.

Just kidding. Just don't major in English. Seriously. Unless you really really know you want to be a school teacher or college professor, it really is a huge waste of time. Want to be a writer? Don't study writing or literature. Study something useful, and then use that in your writing. What are you gonna do? Write books about going to college and taking classes about books? Or are you just going to re-write other people's work. I spent 3 years as an English major, and I learned nothing of value. I learned nothing about language. I spent 2 years as a Linguistics major (earning a B.A.) and now at least have some idea about how language works. I still have no skills useful to the rest of the world. I can just be a smartass about stuff. Or teach English to teenage jerkbags.

I'm just sayin' if I could do it all over again I'd do something in math or science.

Friday, September 3, 2010

This is what I'm making for dinner, newfriends!

Check out this Mac & Cheese recipe at Exciting Things.

Also, over at Games and Theory, Executive is making some thought provoking posts which are politcally conservative but also intelligent. Challenge yourselves, fellow lefites!

! ComeAtMeBro writes all about android phones. If you have an android phone but you're kind of a n00b it's a good page to check out.

Great Posts, Newfriends!!!

Good Evening Newfriends!!!!!
I don't have anything to post but I just want to thank you all for participating in blogger and giving me interesting things to read and comment on.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gettin' political again

by reposting another comment I made on

I'm a lefty and I despise Sharpton. Jackson as well. The only time you hear from them is when they're calling somebody racist. They do little to actually elevate the community which they rely upon for support. Whatever you feel about Obama, I can say that I've personally seen a change in many young black people I know since he took office. They actually feel like they're part of the country now and pay attention to politics more. I'm talking about actual critical thinking. Historically the black vote (small as it has been) has gone largely to whoever panders to them. Since Obama's election, though, blacks I know have become more involved in thinking about government. Many of them are fairly conservative. The point is that since these young people are new to thinking about politics (meaning their parents didn't think about government too much), they haven't been indoctrinated into any party philosophy. They look at each issue individually and judge it from their moral/social/economic viewpoint, and come to a decision. We need more of that kind of thinking, from everybody.

Gettin' all political and shit.

I wrote this in response to a post on Political leaning

It is really hard for me to have hope when I see campaign commercials which are laughably misleading and realize that people are actually going to fall for that shit. Politics is now all about marketing. Ron Paul will never be president and Ralph Nader will never be president because neither of them is marketable. Palin could definitely be elected. It won't happen because she's no doubt realized by now that being president is much less financially lucrative than  not being president. As a matter of fact, being against the dominant party is more financially lucrative than being for it. You know that deep down Rush and Glenn were glad Obama won. I'm sure their ratings have gone up since he was elected. People need to realize that we have a system which CAN put the power in their hands, if they choose to seize it. Alot has being written about how Obama is too "professorial". Put aside the fact that it's not true for a moment. Assuming he is "professorial", WHAT THE FUCK is WRONG with that? We don't want a smart president? People are too dumb to understand a "professor"? I need to stop. I'm just going to post this to my blog. It'd be cool if you checked it out.