Friday, August 27, 2010

the mosk at ground zero

It's American to build a mosk at ground zero. it's more american to spell it correctly as in mosque. Some people can't spell it correctly. I think it's because they are ignorant. Sarah Palin is against the mosk at ground zero. She also defends Laura Schlessinger's first amendment rights to say "nigger" whenever she wants. We all do have the right to say "nigger", but we should avoid it if at all possible.


  1. It is ok for muslims to put mosques near ground zero because we've been putting ground zeros near mosques for nearly a decade.

  2. So, are you for or against said Mosque?
    Protip- Republicans: Against
    Democrats: For.
    My face when Republicans rant about freedom but don't care about Gays, Muslims, or anyone other than whites.
    It looks like this